niñas fuertes

I drove my tiny honda civic to Mexico this weekend. Kaya and Emma came and we did it so that we could see something else, and not use the mace that everyone told us to buy. We drove through the desert and my car got stuck in a dry lake bed and before that it had to go over rocks bigger than my head. We had no idea where we were and had never been farther from anything before. It was raining then too and getting dark and everyone said we couldn't do it and if we left my car the mountain people would take it away, but my blue honda civic did it and we made it to the Guadalupe Canyon Oasis. The water was hot and we stayed in until our skin fell off. 
The next morning we woke up to the most magical place, surrounded by windy palm trees and orange crayon mountains. We had to make it to San Felipe though, so we couldn't stay long. We drove over the rocks again, without my tires falling off but hydroplaned on the Laguna Salada. However, were able to push ourselves out of the mud and after a few hours, we were back in civilization. Guadalupe Canyon is 50 miles from Mexicali, and San Felipe is around 122 miles from Mexicali. 
Hotel Caribe, San Felipe
We made it to San Felipe right before nightfall and were surprised at how many people were there. Turns out, they were celebrating Carnival and so we joined the festivities. 
 We met three guys from New Zealand who were with three girls from Louisiana, celebrating some birthdays. They bought us some shots and we all got electrocuted together by this little man named Jesus at Bar Mirimar. 
 At the end of the night we went to this club called Rockodile where a local girl  saw me writing girl power on this neon wall. 
 She was so amazed by this so I asked her how to say it in in spanish and then she wrote "ninas fuertes" on the wall, saying "que bonita, que bonita!" 
  We danced for a while and then got the best quesadillas and tostadas from the sweetest man. I meant to go back the next day and get his information but found myself too caught up in getting my hair braided and eating hotcakes. 
Sadly, the trip had to be cut short to make it to class, so after breakfast we headed back to Mexicali to cross the border. We stopped at a Mexican cemetery, Jardines del Paraíso on the way, which is so different than the American kind. Everything is so colorful and covered in flowers and everyone is drinking and playing loud music, hanging out on the graves. The cemetery was also very far from anything and quite randomly on the side of the freeway, next to a crashed plane, but there were still so many people there. 
I felt that this captured the spirit of Mexico in the best way; there is something bright, and then us. When we got back to America we stopped to eat at this italian place called the slice. Everything we ordered came out in the biggest proportions I have ever seen. My salad was literally a mountain and I felt disgusting looking at it all. It was just a reminder of the plastic, corporate world that we all live so frivolously in and I immediately missed the simple-ness of Mexico. Kaya and I plan on going on more trips through Mexico, and ultimately driving to the tip of South America.

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