coming down

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are free on Tuesdays.

My BFF STEVE SNIPES.  Check out his music blog: DISCO PISS
Me when I was 13 at Niagra Falls


Summers finally started to pick up- started working at this summer camp, Hayground, and I really love it. I work in the garden with a buncha really cool kids. Also been going to some fancy art parties around the Hamptons. And best of all Albie and Jules drove my car cross country to me! Im liking New York but I'm kind of excited for my return to LA because if all works out Yung and I and maybe some others will have a sweet road trip back. <3 Njoy



some cars and cars and stuff driving in the valley in Val Verde from my old house on top of the hill & Rebecca in SF


just like me

I spent most of my time off from work this week in Brooklyn and went to Chelsea one day to go check out some art with my friend Jeff.  There was one photo show called Into the Woods that was pretty cool and we didn't make it to the Marx brothers show at 303 but I heard it was sweet.  I finally got to spend some time with my beautiful friend Liz and then Albie and Julien made it across the country in Adi's car so they picked me up from NYC and brought me back to the Hamptons.  Apologies for the low quality iphone pictures.
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