Tribal Tattoos

Some weird exorcism was going on and me and some other people kept trying to get rid of this weird girl who wouldn't die and was trying to possess us all. I had a pet adderall that I kept in a plastic cup of water. It got mixed up with a bunch of other adderalls and I was trying to find mine by saying its name after I spilled it because they were all crawling all over me but it wasn't responding. Some horses started following me and then Andy Gohlich told me to put them back but I wasn't sure where they came from in the first place. I was a dolphin running laps underwater doing tricks for people until I couldn't breathe and finally someone showed me where to breathe and I went through a clear screen and onto a diving board where I was completely naked and everyone I knew was swimming underneath me. I jumped into an island of moss and wanted to stay there out of embarrassment but finally got out. My whole body was painted silver except for my private part and no one wanted to acknowledge me. I went to my room and washed it off and under the paint my back was covered in stupid tattoos. I walked outside to be in Kelseys moms house. I asked Kelsey what we were going to have for dinner. She said lots of hummus and pita and pizza. Alex was there and she put a chili chocolate in my drink that was too spicy. Pedro was there too and he said that they might not know what eggplant is. I ended up in a car packed with a bunch of people and we picked up Mercedes from Mikeys house and I decided to smoke a cigarette and then we had to leave because Mercedes was running away from Mikey but he said he was coming so we waited. I woke up to the most beautiful african childs choir coming from my world music neighbors room and really forgot where I was for a second.


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