I'm so exited.

These are some old pictures I just got developed.  Most of them are from Tijuana and the film was expired so they don't look that great.  I'm leaving New York tomorrow and flying to Houston.  Then from there we're driving to New Orleans for new years eve and the Black Lips are playing a show.  Then I go back to Houston and fly to Oakland until I go back to LA.  
I love you all.


Kaya and I are in Oakland visiting some friends. We had a party the night before we left and missed the bus and ended up in our first ride share with this guy Brian, a pro beatboxer from Singapore. He went 100 mph in the rain and listened to only top 40 covers but was really friendly and got us there fast. It feels like a weird dream now but Im just glad to be here. In a few days Kaya will go to NY and I'll go somewhere...just dont know quite where yet...