Depressed at Walgreens

I went to Walgreens to get my photos developed.
I never go to Walgreens
because its pretty far
and I forget about it a lot
I only went because I had a coupon.
When it was time to pick up my pictures
they weren't ready
then the guy told me the machine broke
and they were ruined
and i told him to scan them anyways
but he just fumbled around and dropped the still wet roll of negatives
and then told me it was broken
I looked at him and then at the picture of himself behind him where he was making a goofy face 
and it said "certified photo specialist" under his name.
I wanted to scream
because I had pictures that I really liked on that roll
from Ventura, and the aquarium store, and my friend Mikey getting pepper sprayed in the face
but i didn't because I kept thinking about how he was in his 20s 
and he worked at Walgreens
and then i thought about everything going on 
and the occupation
and I felt like I would be a bad person for getting mad at him
so I just looked really pissed off
and walked out
but then I got to my studio
and I wanted to call Walgreens
and get him fired
but I just wrote this instead.


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