This past April, we went to Joshua Tree for a couple of days on spring break.  Adi, Vinny, and I were driving there and Adi accidentally rear-ended someone during a traffic jam which resulted in us spending three or so hours in a mall in Rancho Cucamonga drinking whiskey and selecting videos to play on the TVs in the food court until our friend Michael picked us up.  We made it to JT where Sofia and Jordan were staying on Sofia's property and we drank beer around a fire and listened to the Rolling Stones.  The next day was the highlight of the trip.  We explored Sofia's property, sat on giant rocks watching marshmallow school buses drive by in the distance once every three minutes, and then we were faced with taking the poo to town:

Video by Vinny

Later on, Sofia brought us to the weirdest place I could ever imagine.  I think it was called Twenty-Nine Palms Inn.  It was this weird low key utopian style resort in the desert.  For some reason we decided to get dinner even though we weren't very hungry but I guess Vinny had the best thing he's ever eaten in his whole life.  A lot of really weird stuff happened but it's really hard to explain and unfortunately there is no footage of it.

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