During my travels in Europe this summer, I spent three weeks in this town in France called Biarritz.  I was visiting with my friend Philip (Charphil) and his sister Christina lived there for about six years before they moved to New York in 2008.  It was really different from all of the other places I got to visit because I was able to experience the place with people who have lived their all of their lives.  It's a huge surf town located on the southern Atlantic coast of France in the Basque area.
Me on a Vespa

Côte des Basques
The Black Lips at Nike party (the craziest night of the trip)
Hodei and Victor

Charphil at Grande Plage (Big Beach)
Charphil's first White Russian
My old friend Shaun and I.  He came to visit from NY with Christina.
Violet Shots
We walked at least 6 miles a day.  This was one of my favorite houses to pass.
Charphil and LeAnn (whose house I stayed at) playing at Keep A Breast fundraiser
I bruised my tailbone from jumping off of this bridge
Grande Plage
Hodei and I
Fireworks on Bastille day, July 14th 
So many Jager Bombs
scraped up my leg while climbing onto the roof of a hotel
Roxy Jam concert 
Shaun and Christina at the Black Lips show

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