I stayed in Barcelona with my friend Charphil for a week in the beginning of July.  We stayed at this place called Casa Trippy, which was really cool.  It was cheap and the common area and backyard were great places to hang out and drink and get to know the other people staying there (there are only four rooms).  We made friends with some boys from Sicily,  a couple from France, and a Polish man who now lives in Bristol.  We walked a ton, ate awesome paella, smoked hash and drank beer on the beach, hiked to the top of the city, swam in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time.

at the main beach
back patio of Casa Trippy
view of the city from the very top of Park Guell
we were going to go to a bar but ended up drinking with these statues 

Antonio Gaudi
NOW everything

Me with Krystof, our Polish friend
heading into Basque country after leaving Barcelona
missed the train so we had to sleep on a bench

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