Here's some photos from the past week in New York City and the Hamptons.  I'll be in NY till January 5th and then I'm off to Texas for my birthday with Yung Jake to visit Adi and Kelsey.


All The Stories

I went to SFMOMA yesterday to see the Francesca Woodman retrospective which was really good. (My friend Alex recommended I go see it. Also up is Richard Sera's retrospective). Afterwards I wandered through the gift shop to find this little number, which I really loved. It's a collection of short vignettes; a collaboration that has been ongoing since 2004 through Dora Garcia's blog

Into Dust

Some pics from Palm Springs, San Jacinto Mountain and San Carlos. Now, off to Texas! - Adi

Livin Betta Now, Gucci Sweater Now

Jake sent me some balloons wishing that all my holidays be filled with "light"...And I died my hair again...And I bought a cheetah coat! Merry Christmas! -Adi.


Easter 2010, we caravanned (almost 15 of us) down to Niland, CA where Slab City is located.  Slab City is a super weird space in the middle of the desert where it is free to live/ camp without electricity or running water and it is where Salvation Mountain is.  We didn't really know much about it and going there we thought we were just going to have a nice quiet night of camping but it was everything but that.  When we got there it was open mic night so we hung out and drank and danced with the locals for a long time and then a friend we made there, Fox, rode on the roof of my car while directing us toward the hot spring in the Slabs.  We made a fire there and all got naked and danced and swam around and even mud wrestled.  The night got pretty blurry towards this point and soon enough the sun was rising and we could see Salvation Mountain across the desert so we walked there.  I had the genius idea to not wear shoes while walking a mile across the desert, which I later suffered from the 16 cuts on my feet.  We climbed around the mountain, which is incredibly beautiful and made from clay and hay barrels by Leonard Knight.  He appeared out of thin air while we were on the mountain and told us about why God is great.  We had a local slab puppy with us the whole time named Dr. Hoffman who was so sleepy because he had recently gotten into some marijuana honey.  We were going to stay for Easter pancakes but we were delirious and decided to just drive back to LA.  We stopped at the Salton Sea, which is beautiful in a really disgusting way and I collected bones (which still sit on the dashboard of my car and have managed to stay put even through two car accidents) and played with lady bugs.  I was too out of it to drive on the way back so we pulled over and slept in the car in front of a gym at a shitty strip mall in Indio for a few hours.  Because of how great it was the first time and to avoid scrutinizing the memory, I have sworn to myself that I will never go back to Slab City.