We haven't posted in a few months because we've been so busy but we're back and going to do our best to fill ya'll in.
Adi and I both had our Mid-Residency shows at CalArts and we have been working on other things, like a book that we should have out soon and available for download and purchase.
We've been living in Val Verde and it's been really wonderful.  Our house is this beautiful old hunting cabin on top of a huge hill.  There are only three houses on the hill and our friends live in the other two so it's been so much fun having them as neighbors.
Here are a ton of pictures of us hanging out in Val Verde the past couple of months:
Adi eating breakfast in our dining area.
My little kitten Manson in my room that I painted pink

My room

band practice
Mikey's birthday party
Vinny outside of my room with egg in his hair
Adi smoking and being a serious marxist
TT reppin' VV
Yung Jake at the top of the hill
Valerie's mom made us paella 
Sofia and Erika at Mikey's birthday margarita night
Julien carving pumps
serious marxist night
sculpture/ backyard view
we found a tarantula in the bathroom
white dance party
Tattoos by Bedros
Yung Jake green screen bedroom
painting I got at goodwill
Dance Party
Braiding Adi's hair
Adi's new look for a couple days
Adi stepped on glass
Sleepers in Adi's room
back yard
Tyler's  convertible
Tattoo challenge sheet
Manson and I
Boy's house
Bedros and Manson
Mikey bday
living room


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