Saugus Forever

Kaya and I didnt go home for the holiday so we decided to celebrate with friends. We did it yesterday since a lot of our friends had to be with their family today. I woke up still drunk and hungry to the biggest mess I've ever seen in my life. Our house was covered in candle wax, mashed potatoes, cigarette butts, and red wine. We ate some leftovers and then went to CVS to get some film developed. The closest CVS is in Saugus so we spent an hour walking around while we waited for the pictures. There's really nothing there so we ended up sitting under a tree a few blocks away and then getting some wine at Vons. We spent the rest of the day cleaning and now we're drinkin this really fancy wine: Grgich Hills Estate. I don't really know anything about wine but its pretty good. We're gonna try to dedicate this weekend to working on our book and getting stuff done before the next holiday.

"Saugus Forever"