Forever or Never

The past few months have been really busy with preparing my mid- residency show (which is this solo show you have your 3rd year at CalArts). Kaya just had hers too and we're both really relieved to have it over with. Now we're working on putting a book together that should be done by christmas. Here's some footage from my show:

gettin golden in the studio with Sofia, Cody n Asher. Thanks so much guyz~!

Still from the shoot

showering off at school
Numb as The Sun self portrait (4x3 ft)

Ghost (video piece)
Abra Cadabra

And the opening was great. It was on Day of the Dead so we went to the Mexican supermarket and got candies and a piñata and cakes and pig rinds n stuff.  I made pink panty droppers (will explain and give recipe at the end) and everyone got super drunk. Yung Jake and DJ Student Body performed and we danced and drank until 4am. I split open the pinata with my feet after a few pathetic attempts to break it with a ladel (that we were using for the pink panty droppers).

piñata hat
Hats on Hats on Hats
Yung Jake
Temra and I
So pink panty droppers are these drinks that I've made since high school in Texas. One batch of it for an entire party and everyone is sure to get f*kd^.
The mix is:
  • 1 handle of vodka (doesn't matter what kind- I normally go with Smirnoff or something pretty bottom notch)
  • 18 pack of beer (again not important what kind. When me n my girl Kelsey do it we use Natty Ice)
  • 1 or 2 things of Pink Country Time Lemonade mix (depends how sweet you want it)
  • 1 cooler w ice
  • 1 ladle for serving

After the first drink or so this is what happens... 
2 girls 1 ladle
Shelby takin a ladle to the face
Celebrating the 4th of July
Yung Jake and I after too many PPD's


On another note Kaya and I will also be putting together a group show in the spring. We're both young women bored of this generation and our age. We kind of feel the same way about these sorta things so we'll keep you updated on how that goes.

Also here's a poem that might be in the book we're putting together:

At your roots
I knew you were always
A fist

I saw your thumb
With branches like a menorah

You would stuff the throats of mountains
Until they shook
And spit

A tar garden
Where pearls
Looked like us


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