Berlin, August 2011

I spent four days in Berlin this past August and it was easily my favorite city that I got to visit in Europe.  It's known as the city that is always changing, which I think helps to keep the city in constant excitement.  I stayed at this really cool hostel called Circus Hostel in Rosenthaler Platz.  I didn't know anyone in Berlin but the hostel has a bunch of little events and a bar which made it super easy to make friends.  They also have a free walking tour of the city, which is something that I normally wouldn't have gone on, but I was really glad I did.  The tour guide was really funny and took us to major landmarks but also more unknown spots like the ground above the bunker which Hitler committed suicide in.  I went to a Jazz Club, a more hip dance club (Kaffee Burger), and Germany's largest beer festival that had over 800,000 beers and a ton of square dancing remixes of current American pop songs.  I also checked out a bunch of art galleries, museums, and shops which are all really relevant to Berlin's current scene.


late afternoon 

On the train from Dresden
Lilu in the Hostel 

Berlin Wall

Jewish Memorial

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