As soon as we settled into our new house Kaya and I decided we should get out of town one last time before school started. We decied to go to Portland to see family and friends and stop in San Francisco along the way.

Me and Kaya on da bus.
San Francisco
Pangea at The Hemlock in SF. 

Alex Uhrich, our dear friend we stayed with in San Francisco
Mikal Cronin playing with Ty Segall

Mikal Cronin  at The Hemlock.
Charlie and the Moonhearts

Danny, Kaya and I.
drinking and driving on empty with Pangea and all their equipment

It just so happened that our friends Danny and Mikal from Calarts were playing shows with their bands in San Francisco the night we arrived so we got to see some music and hang with friends. I put up the links on all the captions so check em out because they're sooper amazin.

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