Shared a Cigarette for Breakfast

After a night of partying across town Kaya and I finally made it back to Alex's apartment around 5am just in time to move my car before it got towed. We moved my car and put 2 hours worth of quarters in the meter and tried to get some sleep before our 10 hour drive to Portland. At around 830 am I woke up to the modest mouse playlist that had been playing all morning from Alex's computer. We threw our stuff together and ran to my car which luckily did not have a ticket despite the fact that the meter had been expired for 30 minutes. Feeling delirious but still set on driving to Portland we made a quick stop at Starbucks and then got on the road. A few minutes after we got onto the freeway I noticed these little yellow particles flying at my car and I thought I was hallucinating until Kaya noticed them too. It turned out to be hundreds of butterflies which I thought was a good omen to a pretty horrible start. We made it into Portland that night around 9 and went to my grandmothers house. She served us salmon, rice, white wine and peaches with vanilla ice cream. After this we were so exhausted we watched some really bad TV and then fell asleep. The next few days were spent exploring the city and seeing friends.

A fire we saw at Killingsworth Park
Kyle and Ellie, our amazin hosts!
Swingin at my uncles house.
Ellie n I
Sauvie Island
Kaya at Marys house.
(I've mentioned Mary before as the girl who I drove to Houston with)
Ellie and Kyle in front of the fire.
Pickin Blackberries on the way back from Sauvie Island
sexy ghost
We got naked in a cemetery. 
Lake Shasta
Kaya and I stopped for a swim on the way back through California.


As soon as we settled into our new house Kaya and I decided we should get out of town one last time before school started. We decied to go to Portland to see family and friends and stop in San Francisco along the way.

Me and Kaya on da bus.
San Francisco
Pangea at The Hemlock in SF. 

Alex Uhrich, our dear friend we stayed with in San Francisco
Mikal Cronin playing with Ty Segall

Mikal Cronin  at The Hemlock.
Charlie and the Moonhearts

Danny, Kaya and I.
drinking and driving on empty with Pangea and all their equipment

It just so happened that our friends Danny and Mikal from Calarts were playing shows with their bands in San Francisco the night we arrived so we got to see some music and hang with friends. I put up the links on all the captions so check em out because they're sooper amazin.

Home, for now.

I arrived in Val Verde (Kaya and I's new home) on August 24th. 

Our backyard.
Mikey on the swing

Our neighbors Mikey and Peter cutting watermelon in our kitchen

The house is on top of a hill in Val Verde ( a little mountain town 10 minutes north of Valencia CA). There are three rooms which are occupied by Kaya, our two friends Louise and Valerie and then myself.  Soon we will upload pics of our rooms which Kaya and I just painted and our now decorating. The house itself is pretty big with tile floors and wooden interiors. Apparently it used to be a hunting lodge. The house came pretty much furnished and is really beautiful just the way it is. 

More soon!!