So during my travels in Europe this summer, I spent 15 days living with a German family on their small farm in a town called Cortnitz (population of 42).  The town is located about an hour east of Dresden and is very close to both the Czech Republic and Poland boarders.  I found the family through this website called Work Away, which is an amazing website which can connect you with hosts all around the world who are looking for volunteers to come help work in exchange for experience, room, and board.  I recommend everyone to check it out.   The family was extremely welcoming and warm and it was an adventure from the start:  They had lost their keys to the car, so I got picked up on a tandem bicycle from the train station and rode about 10km in the rain to get to the farm.   They had four children (ages 9, 7, 5, and 3) and even though there was a language barrier between the kids and I, I still very much enjoyed playing and laughing with them throughout the days.  I spent most of my time there harvesting fruits and vegetables, weeding gardens, pruning hedges, helping cook, reading, listening to music, playing with the kids and animals, and going for walks through the beautiful fields and forests.  I accidentally started a fire in their house the second night I was there, which was awful but fortunately all the damage done was a broken electric tea kettle (I accidentally put it on the stove to heat it because it was super fancy and looked like a regular tea kettle) and a lot of jokes came out of it.  I didn't have enough time to learn much German, but if you ever need to know how to make applesauce in German, I'm your girl.  I got to go on some day trips with the family such as to this town on the Germany/Poland boarder called Gorlitz and we went to a Polish superstore where I bought a flannel for about $1.  Another day we went to this small old city called Bautzen and ate ice cream spaghetti.  I also went to Europe's only Gingerbread museum, man, that was weird. 


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