I want to share this journal entry from one of my long waits in the airport coming back from Kenya:

August 12th 2011

Reading Motorcycle Diaries right now and this one line simply puts to words exactly what I've been feeling: " There we understood that our true vocation, our true vocation, was to move for eternity along the roads and seas of the world." Traveling abroad just makes you realize how much else is out there and I want to see it all, or as much as I can. I get anxious thinking about how big this world is and how little I've seen, or how much is unseen. I wonder about the unexplored untapped treasure islands that certainly exist. It makes me think of that Robinson Family Treehouse for some reason. I wish life could be like that. The people of Mkwiro Island have a similar lifestyle. They hunt the sea for fish and cook by fire. When there is no rain people struggle but they do not curse the land which lets them breathe. They're lives are so simple, yet so rich. Their steadfast devotion to the muslim faith brings meaning and reason to everyday trials. I am begining to understand that life is never good or bad but different. Im learning to understand and appreciate these differences. I dont want to sit still. I want to live like a wild animal in the endless ocean and I want to be free.


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