Phipps Conservatory

Today, being my last full day in Pittsburgh I decided to check out some local attractions. First for brunch, my brother wanted to take me to Pamelas- this famous diner chain around town.Their claim to fame is there 'hot cakes' that are whatever is between a pancake and a crepe and they fill them with all sorts of stuff and then top them with whipped cream. Our waitress looked at me like I was crazy and asked me if I was from around here when I told her I'd never had them. Apparently Obama recently visited  and liked the hot cakes so much he had the owners (Pamela and some other girl) flown to the white house to teach his cooks how to make them. I got the signature hot cake with brown sugar, strawberries, sour cream and whipped cream while my brother got banana,chocolate chips, and whipped cream. In the end I ate more of my brothers than I did mine. They were good but not exactly my cup of tea. After all this, barely able to walk I was so full, we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens in this synagogue down the street. This was closed so we drove to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Phipps is 'a steel and glass Victorian greenhouse that has been around since 1893', located in Schenley Park right next to the Carnegie Melon campus. Admission is 12 dollars to get in but they have an outside garden thats free and its pretty worth it because the place is humongous with 17 different botanical experiences. My favorites were the Japanese Gardens with all these different species of Bonsai and then the Amazon where you learn all sorts of stuff about Peruvian medicine and craft. I also noticed this fern called a sensitive plant that I saw in Shimba Hills Kenya and when you touch the leaves they close up (my safari guide in Kenya called this plant 'dont touch me'). However my favorite plant was the Sherry Baby which smells just like chocolate with these beautiful little fairy flowers. I would recommend this place to anyone who visits Pittsburgh. I am still stuffed and now have to finish packing so that I can be on my way to Los Angeles!


P.S. They also have a butterfly forest but its really
not as cool as the one in Houston. They have probably 15 different species and its not that big- but still all really beautiful! My favorite was the Buckeye Butterfly

Buckeye Butterfly

Oh and as we were driving my mother called and asked if I had felt the earthquake , but I was completely oblivious. Apparently a 5.8 earthquake in Louisa Virginia was felt across Pensylvania today.

K bye now foreals.


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