PARIS: Père Lachaise Cemetery

I was only in Paris for a day and a half, exactly one month ago. After staying the night at Woodstock Hostel (a quiet hostel with really good beer, free internet, a friendly cat, and a super cute guy working at the desk), I decided that I wanted to spend the morning with the dead. It took about 30 minutes to walk to Père Lachaise Cemetery (the largest in Paris) and it was cold and humid. I had never seen a non-American grave yard before. It was so absolutely beautiful and was in such a trance that two different groups of random people asked me if I was okay. Amongst the many graves I visited, two of the guys were famous. Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. Wilde's grave was covered in kisses and Morrison's was honestly not that exciting, but there was this girl who was standing there in velvet pants and a fur coat and round glasses who just starred at the grave for 15 minutes and I'm still unsure if she was real or not. I spent about three hours there and then went and ate an awful sandwich and read Sylvia Plath while waiting in line at the Louvre.

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