My favorite thing about Madrid was that the sun doesn't set until after 11pm.  Or at least when I was there at the end of July it didn't.  It doesn't make any sense considering its position on the map and I just tried to google it but didn't find anything.  Madrid was my first stop in Europe and my friend Philip (Charphil) came with me.  He's an amazing musician and you should check out his music here and here.  We stayed in a really small hostel room in Plaza Puerta del Sol.  The room was so hot and tiny and pink and we didn't realize until the last night that the air conditioner actually did work.  Thankfully, there was a vending machine full of cold beer and a small balcony with enough room for me to stand on and drink it while watching the street.  Spent the days wandering the city in 100+ degree weather, napping in parks, eating pepinos (cucumbers), and getting headaches from seeing too many Picasso paintings.  We went to the Reina Sofia Museum  one evening and there was a huge solo show by Yayoi Kusama, which was absolutely amazing and is one of my favorite artists after seeing that show.  The night life is Madrid was great.  We figured out a way to get a ton of free drinks was to go to all of the clubs that the promoters on the street were begging us to go to, have our one free drink/ shot, and then leave and go to the next one.  The tapas in Madrid were SO delicious and cheap!  Drinks at the tapas bars were really cheap too and every time you order a drink, they give you a bowl of bread/ chips/ olives for free!  The main beer that they have is called Mahou and its not that good but not horrible.  Oh, also you can buy beer at the super markets there for only 20 cents!  Charphil and I wrote a cool song about Pepinos and Mahou (cucumbers and beer) but we haven't recorded it yet.
Main Cathedral

"I'm here, but nothing" by Yayoi Kusama

Calle de Barcelona: alley way street with a ton of tapas bars

Charphil drinking Desperados on the hostel balcony

view of Plaza del Sol from the balcony

Me, waiting for 8 hours for the bus to Barcelona

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