Rolling Stone

I started the summer with a road trip from Los Angeles to Houston, Texas with my friends Mary Brossman and Kelsey Reckling. and never really stopped moving. I lived out of a tiny duffel bag for the entire summer- even through Kenya which I was totally unprepared for but managed fairly well. I traveled around Texas, Louisiania, New York and then Kenya. These are some pics from my journeys but if you wanna see more you can visit my website !

A show in Houston featuring a buncha me n my girlfrenz. ( Up through October check it out!)

Off the road, somewhere in Texas

My friend Yung Jake on Peters Pond in Sag Harbor New York

The Reef Hotel, Mombassa, Kenya

The Indian Ocean

Sophie Silver after a bike accident- Houston, TX.

Rainbow after a really nice storm in Sag Harbor, NY


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