Enchanted Forest

Me, at the top of the dunes flashing the world (photo: Ryan Couture)
It's midnight and I'm listening to Sam Cooke and I need to start packing because I have a flight to LAX tomorrow, when I am moving into my new house in Val Verde, CA.  I'm currently in the Hamptons, where I grew up and my family still resides.  I was home for two weeks in between my time returning from Europe and going to southern California, tomorrow.  Since I am procrastinating packing, I wanted to share one of my favorite places in one of my favorite towns, Montauk, which is the most eastern tip of the south fork of Long Island.  It's this place called the Walking Dunes, but I prefer to call it the Phantom Forest.  I was first taken here when I was 16 by my boyfriend at the time and we drank beer and ran around holding hands throughout the dunes at 9am.  I've been in love with it ever since.  Yes, because of my beautiful first impression but also because it really is a magical and secrret place that not many people know about.  It is a big area of dunes on a bay beach and the dunes are so big that they cover entire forests.  At the top of them there will be a little tiny tree sticking out, but really it is 40 feet tall and most is just buried under the sand.  Also the wind is always changing the shape of the land.  One night when I was home in the past two weeks, some friends and I brought some blankets and mac and cheese and Brooklyn brewed beer and slept under the giant moon on the beach near the dunes.  I'll have some more pictures from that soon when I get the film developed.

View into the harbor from where I was standing (photo: Ryan Couture)


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