Crown Antiques

So I was driving a car in Pittsburgh today for the first time ever. I've only been here about a week and It's pretty easy to walk everywhere from where my parents live so It had been a while since I was in a car. As it is I'm a really terrible driver and being in a new city is even worse because I always want to look around me and lose focus of the road. Luckily, today at no one else's expense. As I was on my way to this camera store I saw an antique store and pulled over. After living in Houston and then Kenya I forgot about meters so I disregarded the one I'd parked in front of and walked a block over to the store. I find that what looks like a tiny store front is actually a five story antique store filled with collectibles and oddities of every kind. Im so enthralled when I enter that I don't even notice the owner sitting across the room but I can hear his voice. I hear him pronounce his name over the telephone and then say "yes Brachah, it means Blessing in Hebrew". I look in his direction past him, at the man sitting next to him who I'm convinced is made of wax until I see him kind of flinch. It felt like I was entering the twilight zone.

I only made it to the 3rd floor before I realized the whole meter situation and then ran out but not before the owner gave me the  1950s national geographic and quartz crystal I was holding in my hands for free (because I'd managed to find the two cheapest items in the store and that I should save my two dollars for a soda, he said). The store is called Crown Antiques and Collectibles and I highly recommend it- seriously an untapped resource of all kinds. The second floor was filled with games from every era, cameras, binoculars, telephones, posters... and so much starwars/star trek  paraphernalia. The third floor was filled with boxes of thousands of magazines and records. It was honestly kind of spooky because I was the only one in there and to get to the next floor you would go through this enclosed staircase and end up in this old mans attic. It was super cluttered and kind of felt like the never ending story but it was really awesome and I might go back tomorrow to try and sell this arrowhead collection.

Oh and turns out I didn't get a parking ticket either! Thanks pittsburgh! Things are looking up for you.


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